Saturday, 28 March 2015

It's Number 3 in '83

This is Number 3 Temple Street in 1983 when the Jinks family bought it. It looks much the same today. Reg and his family had originally started renting it in 1961.

Now, in 2015, Number 3 awaits its first new occupants for 54 years.

And they've arrived! See below.

Number 4 looks like it could do with a little attention


  1. Hi
    We are the new occupants - Pip and Adam
    Great to see an old photo - thanks!

  2. Welcome to the pulsating heart of West Brighton! Hope you'll have a very happy time in Temple Street. We have two more stories concerning No 3, if you haven't seen them and a lovely shot of No. 2 of a proud young chap standing outside in 1926........